Hair Care Instructions

Being a virgin hair distributor and hair dresser, I have been asked some very detailed questions about virgin hair, please feel free to see if any of your questions are answered here. 

What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is hair that is completely unprocessed with cuticles completely intact. Virgin hair is collected from one donor and it is free from dyes, perms, bleach and any chemicals.

How long does virgin hair last

Virgin hair last approximately 1 year or more, depending on the care and proper precautions.


Can I curl or straighten virgin hair?

Yes, you may curl straight hair and straighten curly hair, it will always revert back to its original texture.


Can I color virgin hair?

Yes, you can color virgin hair, we recommend for you to never bleach virgin hair because it can cause damage and dryness, causing it to break and shed. Do this at your own risk.


How often do I shampoo virgin hair?

You should shampoo at least every 2 weeks with sulfate free shampoo.


Can I wear virgin hair in the pool?

Pool water has chlorine in it, and over time it may cause damage to your virgin hair.


What is the best coverage to use on virgin hair at bedtime?

The best coverage is satin or silk, it glides over the hairs instead of breaking them as cotton does.


Why is virgin hair so expensive?

Virgin hair is only expensive to those who don't actually know the value of having real human hair in their possession, it is an investment, and must be protected. Take good care of your virgin hair. Because Mizzmamakash does not offer refunds on virgin hair, unless it is in its original form and packaging; please, please double check to make sure it's affordable before you purchase; in much respect to you!


What are the best tips for virgin hair owners?

The best tips for virgin hair owners is to be very gentle with your hair, never neglect it by allowing it to dry out, sleeping with it uncovered, or tugging and pulling on it. Always put in a few braids before bed to prevent matting and breakage.


What causes virgin hair to shed?

Virgin hair will shed if you cut the tracks for sew-ins, if you don't rinse products out correctly, if you fail to use oil and conditioners and if you detangle from the roots to the ends. This will surely damage the hair shaft.